Spicy can mean a lot of different things, especially when it comes to our alcohol. There are endless possibilities from jalapenos to cinnamon spice to chilis – but they’re all hot and spicy.


Our attention was sparked with the release of UV Sriracha and now we’re just waiting for other brands to fall in line. Earlier this year Winter Jack (a spiced version) and Jager Spiced both debuted. That was right around the same time that Jose Cuervo Cinge started appearing on shelves. Coincidence? We think not.


And it’s not only spirits that are jumping on this flavor train. Beers are getting hotter as well.  The latest releases from Stone Brewing Company, Crime and Punishment, are chili infused and will burn your taste buds right off. They join the ranks of spicy beers with Rogue Chipotle Ale, Twisted Pine Ghostface Killah and a slew of others. We typically take a swig of beer to cut down on spicy food. Oh how things change.


Not only that – but cocktails have caught the spicy too. We literally can’t stop ordering Bloody Marys and Jalapeno Margaritas. They’re savory, hot, and amazing. Any respectable cocktail menu now features a least one spicy cocktail. If you haven’t seen one, you’re going to the wrong bar.


So what’s the deal with all this heat? Would you drink a spicy alcoholic drink?