Winter Jack

With the impending holidays on the horizon we’re getting as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. We love the flavors, festivities and drinks that the holidays bring and can’t wait to serve up our favorite holiday cocktails. Here are a few brands that are debuting new booze with a winter holiday twist:


Jack Daniel’s is fully embracing the winter months with their newest flavored whiskey Winter Jack. A blend of spices, apple cider liqueur and Jack Daniel’s No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey, the new flavor is based on an old recipe passed down through the family. Jack suggests drinking the spicy seasonal warm, cinnamon stick optional. Winter Jack will be available nationwide at the end of the month.


Christmas means family, big dinners, presents and a whole lot of eggnog. The classic holiday drink is getting a new spin from the bottlers of Rumchata. Holly Nog, a spiked eggnog, will debut this November right in time for the Christmas countdown. The 14% ABV beverage will start showing up on shelves next month at $9.99. Save us a glass.


Once all the guests have left, relax with a glass of Barenjager. The honey liqueur brand is expanding their collection this holiday season with two new flavors. Barenger Honey & Tea is a combo of honey liqueur infused with sweet black tea flavors. The second, Barenger Honey & Pear is a blend of honey and pear brandy. Both liqueurs are available at $28.99 a bottle. We would kill for these in a cocktail or served warm in a cup of tea.


There’s no denying that cinnamon has become the unofficial flavor of the holiday season. Jose Cuervo knows that and is launching their latest release Cinge right in time for the cool winter months. The cinnamon infused silver tequila will debut later this fall at $17.99. We’re already dreaming of spicy cinnamon tequila cocktails to mix up.


Vanilla, another holiday flavor staple, is a major ingredient in newcomer Jersey Artisan Distilling’s latest Busted Barrel dark rum. The spiced rum is made with all-natural molasses and then aged with vanilla beans in oak casks for three months. You’ll have to travel to Jersey to get your hands on this sweet vanilla rum, priced at $34.99 a bottle.