As whiskey dips its toes into the flavored arena, and vodka jumps in head first, it’s only natural that tequila joins the party. Tequila isn’t one of those spirits you’d think would be great flavored, but there’s got to be something to it if more than a few brands are getting on board.


We just recently read that Cabo Wabo has released a coffee flavored tequila called Cabo Diablo. This is the fourth coffee tequila we’ve seen hit the shelves along with options from brands like Patrón, Ponchos and Avión. Avión actually sent us a bottle of their Tequila Avión Espresso to try and it was surprisingly decent and very versatile; it works on the rocks, mixed with milk, as a shot and even in hot chocolate or coffee. It’s not really something we can see someone drinking every day, but it’s definitely a unique addition to your liquor cabinet.


Besides coffee flavored, the first cinnamon tequila was also released this year by Peligroso, which shouldn’t have been that surprising considering how much cinnamon is heating up in the whiskey and vodka category. Since then, we also saw Carlos Murphy Original Cinnamon Spiced Tequila released in the U.S. to give Peligroso a little competition.


So, what’s next for tequila? It’s interesting to think about what could become the next flavor craze, but does tequila have the potential for as many flavor options as vodka? Yes, we know you could theoretically use any flavor in tequila, but we mean without making it taste like garbage.


Aside from the coffee flavor, Patron also has two other flavors in their line – coffee dark cocoa and orange. Both of these seem like they’d combine nicely with any tequila, so we support these flavor options spreading to other brands. We also think some other flavors like lime and peach could possibly work (if done correctly) simply because of how well tequila combines with them in a flavored margarita.


As for bubble gum, whipped cream or cookie dough tequila? We’ll let vodka keep those flavors. If tequila keeps it simple and opts for more natural flavors, we think some flavor combinations would be delicious.