espresso tequilaUnlike other spirits, it’s hard to find a flavored tequila. Recently we’ve seen two new flavor trends emerging: cinnamon tequila, and espresso tequila – naturally we were able to snag a bottle. Tequila Avión Espresso is a combo of Avión Silver and Italian espresso. Because we love both tequila and coffee, the DIA team found plenty of ways to drink it. Here’s what we thought:


On the rocks: Some of us drank the Avión straight with ice. Holy espresso. The flavor is intense but after the first few sips you can start to appreciate the rich coffee flavor and the smooth tequila finish. Most of us loved it; some likened it to cough medicine, due to the thick texture and syrupy mouth-feel. Our advice to the texture-haters was to let the ice melt, after a few minutes it had the perfect consistency.


With milk: Those of us with a less sophisticated palate (you know who you are) added milk to our Avión Espresso. We know what you’re thinking,: White Russian. The milk cut the intensity a bit and we were still able to taste the espresso and tequila. This is definitely better than the tired old Kahlua and vodka recipe.


People have also been known to shoot Avión Espresso. It goes down smooth, without the burn that follows most shots. Some of our DIAers also suggested putting it in hot chocolate or adding it to your coffee in the morning (we won’t tell).


Avión Espresso sells for about $25 a bottle. It won’t be a liquor cabinet staple for us, but if we’re looking for something unique, this is our go-to. Have you tried it?