Cinnamon. It’s sweet, spicy and making its way into our drinks. At first we thought it might be another flavor fad but it looks like cinnamon spirits are here to stay.


The most famous cinnamon spirit, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, launched a couple of years ago and ever since brands have caught on to the flavor. Some big names have created their own versions: Pinnacle released their candy themed Atomic Hot flavor around the same time that Smirnoff Gold debuted. Jim Beam even jumped on the bandwagon with their Red Stag Spiced release.


And the trend isn’t slowing down. Chicken Cock just re-launched their brand with a cinnamon whiskey option. And one of the most surprising spirits lately, Peligroso Cinnamon is the first cinnamon flavored tequila.


Obviously people are buying the stuff, or brands wouldn’t keep inventing new Cinnamon inspired products. But, what do bartenders think?

  • For shots, I think it can be a little overwhelming after a few.
  • With the whole Fireball craze, we are going to be seeing a whole bunch more cinnamon flavored whiskey. #NotAllBad
  • If it is artificially flavored its probably gross, which means it will probably be a big hit with consumers.
  • This whole post-distillation adulteration of spirits with flavors, candy-colored or no, is wrong.


But cinnamon isn’t only appearing in spirits bottles. Our cocktails have been inundated with the stuff lately. Some of our favorite recipes:

What do you think, is Cinnamon here to stay?