Jager Spiced

For years, Jägermeister has been synonymous with two words: Jäger bomb. It’s not fair to the liqueur that actually has a great herbaceous flavor to be eternally remembered as a dollar special at a dingy college bar. Jäger is looking to make its way back into the sophisticated world with their latest seasonal release, Jägermeister Spiced.


The spicy new flavor from the famed liqueur shot brand was released at the beginning of this month for the fall and winter months. To create the new recipe, the classic Jäger flavor was combined with vanilla and cinnamon spices giving it a richer and more complex taste. Some people are calling it the “kinder, gentler Jäger,” compared to the strong, licorice laced flavor of the original.


With a new flavor, comes a limited quantity. Jäger Spiced will be available this month in limited supply. The 25% ABV is slightly weaker than the original and will cost you $22.99 a bottle compared to $28.99 for classic Jägermeister.


Just because they added a flavor to their repertoire, does that mean that Jäger has moved past the bar shot and onto something more sophisticated? Who doesn’t love a good Jäger bomb now and then?