Today is International Hot and Spicy Food Day, why not celebrate with cocktails? We loooove spicy food, so we couldn’t let today go by without a small tribute to our favorite drinks with a little kick to them.
One Hot Minute

This drink was the first prize winner in Tabasco’s 2008 Hottest Bartender Contest. It’s spicy…it’s fruity…but yeah, mostly spicy.

Get a cocktail shaker with ice and shake it up with 1 3/4 oz. blanco tequila, 1/2 oz. Lillet blanc, 1 oz. apple juice, 1 oz. fresh cucumber juice, 3/4 tsp. agave nectar mixed with 3/4 tsp. water, and 1 1/2 tsp. jalapeno hot sauce. Garnish with a jalapeno and some cucumber wheels.

Bloody Mary Deluxe

Bloody Mary’s are usually spicy anyway, but we wanted to find one that was extra hot. We’ve heard people comment on this recipe, saying, “Weak tongues BE-WARE!!!” Say no more. We’re in.

Visit the website for the exact recipe, but make sure your pantry is stocked with some of the spicy essentials: spicy vegetable juice cocktail, Frank’s Red Hot sauce, and horseradish.

Latin Lover Martini

This drink is on the cocktail menu at the Beverly Hills restaurant, Nic’s. It’s made from jalapeno infused Tito’s Vodka with olive brine and jalapeno stuffed olives.

Wow. Is it weird to order a cold glass of milk after drinking that martini?

If you’re a spicy food lover, let us know what you’re favorite recipes are in the comments.