sriracha vodka

 This holiday season our drinks are getting weird. Looks like we’ll be drinking Sriracha straight from the bottle, a liquid Cinnabon and pouring hot water over our jello shots. Here’s to embracing the odd this month.


UV Vodka is making a bold play with their new spicy release: Sriracha. The chili pepper flavored vodka is sure to add a kick to any holiday cocktail and is the first sriracha-flavored vodka to hit the market. UV Sriracha has been infused with garlic and vinegar as well to create a balance of spice, tang, and sweetness. It hit stores this week and fills our Bloody Mary’s next brunch.


Pinnacle Vodka is one brand that is never afraid to push the flavor boundaries. They’ve partnered with everyone’s favorite gooey fat-filled morning treat, Cinnabon. The new Pinnacle Cinnamon Roll is flavored with cinnamon, brown sugar and cream cheese frosting. Sounds a bit sticky. The new release will be available nationwide in 2014 but will be available in select cities this month. Cinnabon joins their other desert flavors of Pumpkin Pie, Cake, and Peachberry Cobbler. For those of you with a serious sweet tooth, mix up a Late Night Sip cocktail.


During the winter months there’s nothing we love more than a warm cocktail. But don’t you hate it when they get cold? Even worse, when you can barely taste the alcohol? Tristan Stephenson’s new book, The Curious Bartender, is giving us a solution to our hot cocktail woes with his newest trick. He makes gourmet “jello shots” out of cocktail ingredients and then pours hot water over them to melt the gelatin and create the perfect drink. This keeps your cocktail hot and ensures that the alcohol doesn’t burn off. Classy and jell-o aren’t always in the same breath for us but we’ll try anything once. Pick up his book as a holiday gift for the boozy in your life.


Sounds like we’re in for an interesting holiday drink season. What’s the weirdest winter cocktail you’ve ever tried?