In honor of 12/12/12 we have picked 12 of our favorite DIA articles from the past year. Due to the ridiculously long list of our fantastic posts (modesty is one of our New Years resolutions) it was a tough choice.
Here are the chosen ones:
1. Try Your Whiskey on These Rocks: Whiskey stones: good gift for the holidays.
2. Fireball Whisky: Dare Ya: “Tastes like heaven, burns like hell.” You gotta try it.
3. Coconut Tequila. If Only It Grew On Trees.: One of our favorite spirits this year.
4. Hashing: Run, drink, and repeat.
5. Make Your Own Beirgarten: DIY beirgarten. Add this to your to-do list.
6. How to Drink a Cucumber: Veggies for your cocktails, healthy and delicious.
7. Top Pre-mixed Cocktails: For the lazy drinking days.
8. Cinco De Mayo Meets St. Patty’s Day: The most innovative drink of the year.
9. We’re Nuts for Coconut Beer: More coconut, we’re obsessed (and so is everyone else.)
10. Brewed Bull Balls: Yup. It made the list.
11. Make Your Bartender Sign a Confidentiality Agreement: You will thank us for this one day.
12. Is Monday-Drinking Acceptable?: You’re entitled to your own opinion, but we vote YES.