We heard about an awesome Denver brewery recently and it reminded us why craft beer rocks so much.

Wynkoop Brewing Company’s hilarious new beer actually started as an April Fool’s Day joke. They made a parody video announcing their newest brew called “Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout” – aka, beer made from bull testicles (folks out West call them Rocky Mountain oysters). The video ended up going viral, which wasn’t very surprising… but what was surprising was the fact that they started to get requests from people who wanted to buy the beer.

In a situation like this, a bigger more mainstream company would just laugh the requests off (that is, if they would even make such a “scandalous” video). This is where craft beer reigns supreme – they’re willing to laugh at themselves, experiment and not base all of their decisions on making money. They really listen to their customers. Anyway, we’re assuming you can guess what happened next…

Wynkoop Brewing Company listened to their fans and they made the beer from sliced up bull testicles. The Today Show’s blog said the taste is “a dry affair, with tastes of chalky chocolate blending with notes of medium-bodied coffee.” Regardless of the taste, it embodies everything that craft beer is about and why we love it. This doesn’t mean we’d actually drink the bull balls – but yeah, we still love it.

Other nasty beer shout-outs:

Mama Mia! Pizza Beer: which is brewed with oregano, basil, garlic and tomato. It’s meant to complement whatever you’re eating, but it’s safe to assume its pretty good with pizza.
Bilk: a Japanese combo of milk and beer. It was born because Japan had a surplus of milk that was going to waste. Apparently it has a pretty fruity taste that the brewers hoped would be a hit with women. It’s 30% milk and 70% beer…pretty sure that’s 30% too much milk.