You don’t have to be in Hawaii to indulge in coconut beer. It’s widely available, and brewed all over the country. That said, CoCoNut Porter, from Maui Brewing Co. continues to reign as the best in this trendy category.
CoCoNut Porter is a World Beer Cup Gold Award winner that also sports a notable pricetag: $10 for four cans. The coconut notes are subtle, so even coconut haters (if there is such a thing) will like this dark-pouring, hearty porter. That subtlety is intentional, says brewery co-founder Garrett Marrero. “It’s not meant to be a pina colada.”

Some other good coconut brews include:
• Doc’s Coconut Porter
• Pagosa Springs
• Black Magic Coconut Porter
• King Coconut Porter
• Koko Brown
• Coconut Weissebier.

For heavier coconut tones, try Funky Buddha Last Snow or New Holland Dragon’s Milk, which we think actually go a bit too far.

Home brewer? Definitely try this at home. Google it and you’ll learn everything you need to know about doing-it-yourself — and how damn yummy it is. What do you think about Coconut Beer?