Free Stuff People Sent Us that we may or may not like. Round III.

Our Stories May 12, 2011 9 Comments.

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First it was Vodgria, then it was Exclusiv and now it’s Voli.


Back in March Voli Vodka started following us on Twitter and as a result we became aware of the spirit. Shortly thereafter, Pitbull signed on as their spokesperson and Voli started to see some positive press.


For those not familiar, Voli is a low-calorie vodka. It claims to have 40% less calories and more electrolytes than leading brands, as well as nutrition facts right on the bottle.


They were kind enough to send samples and we were thirsty enough to drink all of them.


Sample flavors included: espresso vanilla fusion, orange vanilla, lemon, cocoa raspberry and lyte.



Here’s the verdict:


Espresso Vanilla Fusion – No mixer needed. The majority of us sampled this straight. With less of an ABV than most vodka (it’s 30%, or 60 proof), it didn’t have the harsh after-taste. It was quite smooth. One of our writers put it in his coffee. It was no Bailey’s, but he enjoyed the extra kick.


Orange Vanilla – A summer creamsicle smoothie’s best friend.  The ladies of DIA continued to discuss all the possibilities of this flavor. The general consensus was that it would be great in a smoothie or frozen beverage, sipped poolside.


Lemon – Sampled with the traditional soda water and then with sprite, topped with a lemon peel garnish (obviously). Again, easy to drink. No harsh vodka taste, yet smooth tangy lemon tones.


Raspberry Cocoa – The perfect combination of flavors. I may be bias as I always opt for the chocolate raspberry truffle desserts, but this is my favorite Voli flavor. Sampled to highlight the raspberry and not the cocoa, we enjoyed this with Prosecco, a splash of cran and fresh raspberries.


Lyte – We can’t confirm or deny the calories of this “lyte” option, however, consistent with the other flavors, it’s smooth and easy to drink.


Overall, we enjoyed Voli.  It doesn’t pack on the same buzz as other vodkas, but is a lovely tradeoff for calorie conscious drinkers. We can confidently say that Orange Vanilla and Raspberry Cocoa will be poured and sipped over and over again this summer.


Had a chance to try Voli Vodka? We’re interested in hearing your take.


Next Round: Crunk Juice vs. Four Loko Taste Test Challenge (it’s what the cool kids are doing these days)


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9 thoughts on “Free Stuff People Sent Us that we may or may not like. Round III.

  1. Karen

    Thank you for covering Voli, I had a chance to try it @ SOBE this last year and fell in love. Raspberry Cocoa is my favorite as well but it’s not available in my area yet so I have to order it from the Crown Wine and Spirits website.


  2. DIA Post author

    Hi Karen – not sure why our response from last week didn’t appear. In any event…We’re glad you, too, enjoy Raspberry Cocoa. How do you usually drink it?


  3. Karly

    Thanks for this great review. I recently found Voli at my local Sam’s Club (Miami) and after seeing that it was Pitbull’s drink and being a total Miami girl I had to give it a try. I agree that most of them can be had straight up, but I love some cranberry with my Vodka.

  4. sandra felix

    When I heard pitbull talking about Voli being a low cal Vodka. I knew that’s what I needed to drink, I’m always looking for low cal drink. I love it with lite cranbery. Or pomegranite martini.


  5. Joan

    Karly, They have it all the way on the east coast too? I just picked mine up from Sam’s Club (LA) and fell in love with the “orange creamsicle” flavor. They’re getting really big apparently! Let’s support them and show our love!

  6. Selena

    Thanks for the review!! I definitely hear you on the “orange cremsicle” flavor…def has to be my go to on a bad day.

  7. Tasha

    Love Voli! I had my local convenience store order it for me. It came in today. I was so excited. It is wonderfully smooth. I like the fact it has more electrolytes in it. Alcohol can be so very dehydrating to the body. This is just too good to be true. If I’m having a dream, please don’t wake me up. Here’s to all of you!!

  8. Justine

    Aweful. Drank half with some friends and put it in the freezer. When I grabbed it a few days later it was half frozen! The only reason it is low calorie is because its watered down vodka. Not worth the money. If I want watered down vodka, I’ll water down my Belvedere from now on. Thanks Fergie…

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