Getting Tipsy to 2016’s Top Tunes

Featured Story / February 23, 2017 / No Comments.


It’s still a little hard to believe 2016 is over. The year was filled with a lot of ups and downs but thankfully, it rocked musically. We took a look at Billboard’s Top 10 Hits from 2016 and decided to pair a cocktail with each track. With some of the catchiest songs ever written- no one can refuse to sing along to these tunes.

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  • You Know Nothing, DIA Readers.

    Beer / February 21, 2017 / No Comments.

    But only because you haven’t tried the new Game of Thrones beer, Bend the Knee yet.

    This golden ale, that finishes with a “firm hop bitterness,” joins Ommegang’s Take the Black stout, Fire & Blood red ale, Valar Morghulis dubbel, Valar Dohaeris tripel, and Three-Eyed Raven dark saison.

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    Vodka By Channing Tatum

    Spirits / February 20, 2017 / No Comments.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.16.04 PM

    For all of our readers, both ladies and gents alike, we know Channing Tatum has made you swoon at one time or another. Magic Mike might’ve been a flop of a movie (yet impossible to not watch), but we have higher hopes for his new vodka.

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    Here’s To Love

    Cocktails / February 14, 2017 / No Comments.


    Happy Valentine’s Day! To help you celebrate, we’ve concocted a list of drinks that you’ll love even more than the preens you spend it with. Enjoy!

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    Have Yourself a Boozy Valentine’s Day

    Cocktails / February 13, 2017 / No Comments.

    Valentine’s Day. You either love it or hate it. It can be a day to celebrate your love for your significant other. Or it can be a day that just further reminds you that you’re single. But hey, either way, we say grab a cocktail and enjoy yourself. Whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in-between, everyone can appreciate these brand new, delicious Smirnoff and Hornitos Valentine’s Day cocktails.

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    Taco Bell Cantina

    Featured Story / February 11, 2017 / No Comments.


    It’s Friday night. You’re out with your friends, slurping down beers and vodka sodas. Before you know it, 1 AM rolls around and you are STARVING. The first thing that pops into your head- Taco Bell. One thing leads to another and you and you’re friends are hopping in that Uber XL en route to taco heaven. The downside? Eating loads of Mexican food at 2 AM probably doesn’t do wonders for your body but is there really any other acceptable time to hit the Bell? (Because let’s not lie- Taco Bell tastes better when you’re buzzed).

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    Absolut Redemption

    Spirits / February 7, 2017 / No Comments.


    After last week’s underwhelming announcement that Absolut’s new flavor is LIME, the vodka company goes and totally redeems themselves.

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