Monster Mash

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It was a Halloween mystery in Fort Collins—the entire stock of Count Chocula at two Albertsons disappeared, leaving countless Coloradoans without their chocolate fix in their morning cereal. The perpetrator—craft brewer Sean Nook of Black Bottle Brewery—bought out the two stores, purchasing 40 pounds of cereal. Count Chocula will join the ranks at Black Bottle in a line of breakfast cereal flavored beer. Past creations include beers flavored Golden Grahams, Reese’s Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch with plans for a St. Patty’s Day edition using Lucky Charms.

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  • Cocktail Corner: Witches Brew

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    Having a Halloween party? Pull a trick or two out of your sleeve with this Witches’ Brew punch recipe. As the smoke pools over the rim of your caldron the punch serves not only as a tasty drink, but also as a display piece, conversation starter, and attention grabber. So trick or treat yourselves with this fun Halloween cocktail.

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    Beer Spas Are Real And They’re Spectacular

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    Imagine yourself at a spa, relaxing and letting the stresses of your day melt away into the bath. Now imagine a place that lets you pour unlimited beer into a big souvenir glass. Ok, now imagine them together. Pretty amazing, right? Believe it or not, such a place exists on this very planet.

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    No Costume, No Problem

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    Here at Drinking in America, we give you full permission to judge a book by its cover, or shall we say beer by its cover. And if you aren’t as enthusiastic about dressing up for Halloween this year like you kid brother or your girlfriend, then sit back and relax and let the beer do the talking. Whether you’re having buddies over to watch the game, dropping pounds of sugar into the buckets of children with each knock at the door, or are just trying to sip through the craze of Halloween night out at the bar, try these beers on for size. We think you’ll like what you see.

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    Say ‘Sup to the Snapshotr

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    For those of you with an impressive shot glass collection, make room on the shelf for the Snapshotr, a revolutionary new shot glass that allows you to pour your alcohol and chaser into one small drinkable vessel.

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    Are You Interesting Enough for Dos Equis?

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    In the spirit of Halloween, the most interesting beer is holding an interesting sweepstakes with some interesting prizes up for grabs. Dos Equis, will be taking six lucky grand prize winners to New Orleans to attend the Dos Equis Masquerade, and to meet the Most Interesting Man in the flesh. By submitting interesting pictures of your interesting Halloween celebration, you can prove how interesting you are, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll win. To go along with this interesting prize, the Mexican beer has also created an interesting interactive experience, letting us explore the mysterious world of the Dos Equis Masquerade. From personal experience, we were a little bit creeped out by the virtual journey. But, to each his own. May the most interesting man win.

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    Sips For Your Sweet Tooth

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    It’s almost Halloween. Whether it’s to hand out to kids or to add to your own private stash, you’ll be buying candy in bulk this week. But all of those sweets can make you pretty thirsty for something… alcoholic. After some exhaustive field research we’ve determined the best booze to compliment your excessive sugar intake.

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    The Best of Bottomless Brunch

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    After a weekend of drinking, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a Sunday morning bottomless brunch. From Belgium waffles to eggs benedict, there’s always so much to munch on. Still, there are restaurants that specialize specifically in the bottomless booze department, something we believe is the most significant factor when choosing a brunch spot. We’ve scouted out the most sacred of boozy brunches in select cities so that you can bypass the research yourself. Like we always say, the best detox is a retox.

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    The End of the World As We Know It

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    A team of brewers is claiming that they have reached “the end of beer” with their newest creation—The End of History. BrewDog, located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland was started in 2007 by two friends who were tired of the industrialized, uninteresting beers flooding the market. This brewery is known for more than just good craft beer. They pride themselves on experimenting with extreme ABV brews and some equally outlandish marketing and advertising.

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    5 Reasons To Drink This Weekend

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    We’re not the type of people who need a reason to drink. If we’re breathing that’s reason enough. But for those who need more, here you go:

    1. Clay Aiken for Congress: The former American Idol star is running for congress in the second congressional district of North Carolina. We want to raise a glass to this “Measure of a Man”—hopefully the entrepreneurial entertainer can make it through the heated race.
    1. Lauren Conrad gets a haircut: The queen of The Hills chopped off her beautiful long locks that we’ve all looked at in envy. We might need to mull over her new hair-do with a cocktail or two.
    1. Pasta Please: Count down to World Pasta Day this Saturday for a carb-loading celebration—as if we needed another reason to drink wine.
    1. MLS says “see ya”: The regular season for Major League Soccer comes to an end this Sunday. If you’re planning to watch, we suggest sitting on your couch, relaxing, and (most definitely) drinking.
    1. Nor’easter is over: After being bombarded with terrible weather this past week, many parts of the country are finally seeing the light. Celebrate by cracking open a few brews and soaking in some newfound sunlight.


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