Moldova. I’ll be honest and admit that I most likely wouldn’t be able to locate it on a map. But what I can tell you about this Eastern European country is that it produces some badass vodka.


Exclusiv Vodka was kind enough to send us a sample and needless to say, we liked what they sent.


Being the true, experimenting Americans that we are we tried this vodka 2 ways; on the rocks and with grapefruit juice. In both scenarios, superb!


There’s something about this vodka that made it very easy to drink. No matter how it was enjoyed, Exclusiv always seemed to complement its counterpart. The ice was crisper and the grapefruit juice fresher.


I could go into the smells of the spirit but I’d just end up telling you that it smelled like vodka. And I could critique the packaging but all I’d tell you there is that they forgot the “e” on the end of their name. However, I can offer valuable insight in telling you the price – $9.99.


Great spirit. Great price. A present day American drinkers dream.



Next Round: Voli Vodka




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