This is the initial column in what we hope will be many opportunities to try free stuff people send us. It may be the only perk for running our blog, but it’s a pretty good one.


Just to establish the ground rules, if we like your product, we’ll say so. If we don’t, we’ll say that, too. Sending it to us for free isn’t going to sway our judgment. If anything is going to sway us, it will be having too many free drinks.


Anyway, let’s get to it.


Back in December we interviewed Gary Spivak, creator of Sin Spirits about his latest, Vodgria – a sangria flavored vodka. This past week, we gave the spirit a try.


During our tasting, we thought it best to capture the initial reaction of the drinker.  So, after we all swirled, sniffed and sipped straight over ice, here’s what we had to say:


“This is really good. Not as “vodka-y” as I thought it was going to be.”


“It’s entry level booze. Booze with training wheels.”


“Not as refreshing as real sangria but it’s an interesting take on vodka.”


“This would be great to mix into actual Sangria.”


“I definitely could see myself enjoying this in the heat of the summer.”


“I’d bring this with me to a bachelorette party or something. The label is sexy.”


So there you have it. We aren’t in love, but we like it. We’ll break it out on occasion. Next time Vodgria makes an appearance we’re going to put our mixology skills to the test and mix it with something. It’s good over ice, but we’re curious how it tastes with its fellow liquid friends.



Next Round: Exclusiv Vodka





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