Vodgria, ever hear of it? It’s a Sangria flavored premium Vodka and the verdict is that it’s quite good (it won a silver medal at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America tasting competition this year). We were lucky to have a chat with Gary Spivak, creator of Sin Spirits to further discuss:


Sangria flavored vodka, what sparked that idea?

The original idea to create an alcohol beverage came from watching too much tv.  I loved the show The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. A friend of mine came over and we were drinking a rum and cola and talking about starting a business.  After he left I thought of a pre-mixed rum and cola to take to parties or barbeques.  There were some issues with that idea so I spoke with my flavor company who mentioned sangria was doing well.  I knew that vodka was already one of the biggest spirits in the US so I came out with vodka sangria.


How’d you decide which Sangria flavors to incorporate?

I left the sangria flavors up to the experts at my flavor company, Allen Flavors.  They have a great reputation and their clients include Nestle and Arizona Iced Tea.  Allen Flavors sent me different samples to choose from.  I had my friends and family taste the formulas and went with the one that people loved the best.


Sangria drinkers or Vodka drinkers, who likes Vodgria more?

Sangria drinkers like Vodgria more than vodka drinkers.  Vodka drinkers like strong drinks.  Sangria drinks like sweeter beverages.  Most vodkas are 40% alcohol but Vodgria is a cocktail at 15%.


Saw on your recipe list, “Beergria” – We can’t judge before we try, but that sounds like Jungle Juice from the college days! Wine, Vodka & Beer?! Does Vodgria offer a different taste to it all?

I cannot take credit for Beergria.  There were several websites that had beergria or beer sangria recipes or articles.  Type in “beergria” in Google and you will see.


What’s the one thing everyone should know about Vodgria?

The one thing everyone should know about Vodgria is that it tastes best over ice.


Vodgria, is it really that sinful?

Vodgria may or may not really be that sinful.  The government puts sin tax on alcohol and tobacco because they are deemed socially undesirable.  Vodgria is very socially desirable.  It may be sinful to combine premium vodka with delicious sangria flavor.  YOU DECIDE if Vodgria is really that sinful!


Drinkers of America, will you be trying Vodgria?