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Our Stories March 7, 2011 24 Comments.

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The low-cal cocktail fans have a new god. It’s Voli Vodka.


Voli recently started following us on twitter and we’re grateful because we’re now aware of what they have to offer. Voli has lower calories (40% less than leading brands), electrolytes (less of a hangover), and…wait for it…nutrition facts right on the bottle (we thought this was illegal, but that shows what we know).


Obviously our first question was in regards to alcohol content. Will it get us drunk? It will, but not as drunk as other vodkas. It’s 30% ABV.


Voli isn’t “new” but they’re still making their way around the country.  Once they make their way into your neck of the woods, will you be trying?


We will. Especially if they send us a sample.

24 thoughts on “Voli Vodka

  1. Sara Kate

    I absolutely LOVE Voli!

    The taste is so smooth and I can drink it on the rocks.. it’s like 70 calories a drink!

    I follow them on Facebook and I see that it’s going to be EVERYWHERE this summer. Cant wait for my friends to try it!

    Cheers to vodka and still looking good in a bikini this summer!

  2. DIA Post author

    @ Sara Kate – love the enthusiasm.

    @ Evan – glad to see the male support. hate the “we’re too manly for light” guys, b/c clearly their beer guts tell otherwise.

    Voli Samples are on their way. Check back for the review.


  3. MixnSip

    I’m curious to try it ‘though I’m a little skeptical of its allure as a diet aide. An ounce of most clear spirits is about 64 calories, so this must be close to 40. That’s not a huge difference unless you drink a lot. And for most cocktails the calories are in the mixes; thus a 500 calorie margarita.

  4. DIA Post author

    MixnSip, you raise a good point. A lot of the bartenders we’ve been interviewing are revolting on the “low-cal/diet” cocktail trend, saying that fresh ingredients are the way to go for “healthy” cocktails.

    We have a bunch of Voli samples waiting to be reviewed. We won’t be able to decipher the calories, however, we’ll let you know if it’s worth trying. Keep a look out for it.


  5. Danika

    Love the concept of this vodka. Teaming up with Pitbull? Genius. The brand is sexy and it will keep you sexy with 40% less calories. From my experience, taste is not compromised. And trust me, you’ll still be feeling pretty good after a few.

  6. Kristine

    Love, love, love Voli. Delicious. Was my drink of the Summer. So smooth that i dint need mixers! And love Thanks to Rain Over Me for allowing me to learn about it!

  7. Mary Waver

    Does Voli have anything to do with Serbia??? Its origins or somethimg? I’ve yet to try it, but can’t wait!!!

  8. DIA Post author

    @Sara @Mary Don’t think there’s any Serbian affiliation, but cool to know about the translation. We do know that Voli stands for Vodka Light though. Let us know what you think when you give it a try.


  9. Sara

    @Mary: no, nothing at all, like Dia said this is only translation! Unfortunately i am far far away, but when i come to America i will try Voli for sure! 😀

  10. captain

    alcohol is a carb, meaning it contributes to the calorie count. so if you want to get the same buzz you’ll have to drink more of this, meaning the calories will even out. this is a huge gimmick because there shouldn’t be any other carbs/fat/fiber to contribute to calories in ANY vodka, so they just reduced ABV to make it “diet”. total waste of money.

  11. DIA Post author

    @captain: low-cal gimmick aside, we enjoy the taste of Voli. Noted about the calories though and we agree. Thanks for commenting.


  12. James

    Let me get this straight, essentially you take the cheapest made vodka distilled only 5 times instead of 100 times then you fill half the bottle with vodka and the other half with water and flavorings to mask the rough taste. Next you brand it with celebrity endorsements and sell it as a ‘lite’ vodka. Yeah, it’s light because you getting a half shot instead a full shot of vodka for the same price. Total waste of money – not lite on your wallet.

  13. Victoria

    Umm…. It’s not for you boozers. If I wanted to get drunk I’d do straight vodka shots. It’s for sipping when out and not feeling like your breaking your diet. Weekday cocktails and such…..

    Weekends stick with straight up stuff if you wish. This is a good idea for us watching weight.

  14. Kevin

    For one thing most high end vodkas are only distilled 5 times. To the ABV point, the flavors are only 5% less ABV than most flavored vodkas @ 30%, which if you pay attention to their labels are only 35% (70 proof). Yes the plain (lyte) is 10% less than ABV @ 30%(60 proof) but like Victoria said it was designed to be for calorie counting people, the diet scene, not the hard partiers.

  15. Mark DeBoard

    Is there any plan to distribute this to Springfield Ohio or its surrounding cities? I would like to try it and so would my wife. Mr. International better pack that shit up and become Mr. Springfield! Thank you from Mr. 937

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