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We’ve put some pretty funky things in our drinks: vinegar, olive oil, hot peppers, you name it, we’ve knocked it back. The cocktail trend is savory and Dallas is bringing that to a whole new level with their latest ingredient behind the bar: mushrooms.


We know what you’re thinking – fungus in your drinks? But don’t judge until you’ve tasted. Dallas wasn’t the first to add the ingredient to their libations but they’re certainly making things happen recently. Bartenders are adding mushrooms as garnishes, main ingredients, as well as infusing their spirits and syrups with them. Adding mushrooms to cocktails brings out an earthy, rich, flavorful side of savory drinks that we’ve never tasted before. It may be the foody in us but we’re all about shrooms in our glass.


Down in the Lone Star state, they’re getting quite adventurous. Recently, the Dallas Eater featured a few restaurants and bars that are experimenting with everything from the shiitake to the portabello. Our favorite comes from FT33 where their bar manager is making a “Truffle Pig” cocktail with tequila, lemon juice, mushroom infused honey simple syrup and raw mushroom garnishes. They also have a mushroom infused rum aging that’s tempting us to get down to Dallas as soon as possible.


Would you sip on a mushroom cocktail? Tell us how funky you’re willing to get.