olive oil cocktails

Normally when we talk about a great cocktail, we mention the taste, smell or even how good it looks. But what about texture?


Things that may give a cocktail texture include eggs, dairy, ice (in many different forms), and even rimming the glass with salt or sugar. However, one of the more interesting ingredients bartenders are adding to cocktails for texture is olive oil.


In addition to being a heart-healthy ingredient, it apparently adds a fuller, richer, silkier texture to a drink and has several flavor nuances as well. The idea is intriguing, but when we think olive oil, we think think and greasy. Luckily, it seems the olive oil is being used more as an accent – never the main ingredient, thank goodness.


For example, at The Butterfly in New York City, they came up with their own olive oil shot: The Trickle Back. They mix their house-made Fresno chili brine with chilled Bombay Sapphire gin. The gin floats to the top, which puts the shot and chaser all in the same glass. On top, a few drops of olive oil are added along with some shaved Parmesan cheese. Talk about a gourmet shot. The New York Daily News says the drink “goes down in one gulp and is a rush of flavors, from the salty and savory oil and cheese, to the herbal gin, followed by the spicy brine.”


We are definitely down to try a cocktail with olive oil in it, especially if it’s anything like the one they’re serving at The Butterfly. Have you ever tried a drink with olive oil? What’s the verdict?