When we think of using eggs, it’s generally related to cooking our breakfast omelet – that’s why we understand if you cringe a little at the thought of adding raw egg to your cocktail. However, if you try a well-made cocktail with egg in it, you’ll find out that they’re typically frothy and delicious.

Here are a few classics to help you get your feet wet:

Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour


Pisco Sours are classic cocktails that use egg whites for a fantastic foamy top. There’s no yolk in this drink, so if you’re a little creeped out by yolks, this is a great cocktail to start with.

  • In a shaker, combine 3 oz. pisco, 3/4 oz. simple syrup or 2 tsp. sugar, 1 oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and 1 fresh egg white.
  • Shake vigorously with ice.
  • Strain into a cocktail glass or goblet and add 2 dashes Angostura bitters.

Black Forest Gateaux

chocolate cocktail


This is sweet, chocolatey and a perfect dessert drink. Cosmopolitan UK even recommends chocolate ice cream as the perfect Black Forest Gateaux cocktail accompaniment – say no more. We are making it now.

  • In a shaker, combine 1 oz. vodka, 2 1/2 tsp. Amaretto and 2 1/2 tsp. Baileys.
  • Add 1 spoon of cherry jam, 1 spoon of vanilla syrup, 1 spoon of cocoa powder and a whole, raw egg.
  • Shake with ice and strain into a glass.


best eggnog recipe


With the holidays coming, this is the perfect raw egg recipe to try first. This eggnog is the real deal and you’re definitely going to taste the difference.

  • Place 12 reserved egg whites in an airtight container and freeze them until the eggnog is ready to serve.
  • Combine 12 large egg yolks and 2 cups granulated sugar in a large bowl and whisk until creamy.
  • Add 1 liter bourbon, 1 quart whole milk, 1 cup heavy cream, 3/4 cup Cognac or brandy, 1/2 cup Myer’s dark rum and a pinch of fine salt. Stir to combine.
  • Transfer the mixture to a 1 gallon glass jar and tightly seal the lid. Place in the fridge for at least 1 week and up to 3 weeks.
  • The night before serving, put the frozen egg whites in the fridge so they can thaw.
  • When you’re ready to serve the eggnog, let the egg whites come to room temperature and then put them in the bowl of a stand mixer fitter with a whisk. Whisk on high speed about 2 to 3 minutes. Remove to a large punch bowl.
  • Place 1 1/2 cups of cold heavy creamy in the stand mixer bowl and whisk on high speed until medium peaks form. Remove to the punch bowl.
  • Stir the eggnog base with a rubber spatula and then add it to the punch bowl. Gently whisk the eggnog together until it’s combined and no large pockets of egg whites or cream remain.
  • Serve in punch cups over ice and garnish with grated nutmeg.

We know raw eggs in any form can be intimidating but take a chance and try them in your cocktails. The sweet flavor and fluffy texture bring a whole new experience to your drinks, one you don’t want to miss.