Mike’s Hard Lemonade has introduced a limited edition winter variety mix-pack (as do almost all beer and ready-to-drink brands). Why we’re talking about this one? One of their new flavors is Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry. We’re just going to spit it out – we think this sounds gross. There’s a reason that this is the only flavor that isn’t offered in its own 6-pack. If anyone has tried it please tell us how it really is.
With all of the moonshine buzz and white whiskey talk, we still haven’t noticed a lot of people drinking the stuff. That might all change with Jack Daniels un-aged whiskey. Until now it seems that some micro-distillers want to release un-aged whiskey so that they have something to push while their other whiskey is still in barrels. That’s not the JD style. They are serious about their products and we’ve seen them change the game once already with their Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey; we know they can do it again.

Now that Smuttynose has finished brewing all of their seasonal pumpkin beer they’ve found time in their busy schedules to churn out some limited release brews, just for fun. Can we say overachievers? Good thing they are because we get to benefit from it with Herbaceous that releases today, an amber ale made from fresh Citra hops picked directly from the vine. And to make the deal even sweeter, they’re releasing two other beers in the next two weeks, Lindz (Kolsch Malt) and Zinneke (Belgian Stout).