HBO’s hit series Boardwalk Empire will premiere its third season on Sunday. The show takes place during the Prohibition Era in the United States, which naturally got us to thinking about a Prohibition classic: Moonshine.

We talked to a liquor storeowner who actually said that moonshine is having a resurgence and is flying off the shelves. This is not a booze to mess around with – moonshine can sometimes be as high as 190 proof, aka 95% alcohol. It’s gonna put some hair on your chest.

It’s been long associated with being illegal, but there are some totally legal moonshines on the market now that will knock your socks off. Since it can be kind of harsh on its own, we found a few recipes to make the moonshine go down a little smoother.

Apple Pie Moonshine
With fall only a couple weeks away, this recipe is perfect. You’ll need:
• 1 gallon of apple cider
• 1 gallon of apple juice
• 3 cups of white sugar
• 8 cinnamon sticks
• 1 liter bottle of moonshine

Here are the rest of the instructions from Moonshine Heritage.

Blueberry Moonshine Popsicles
Umm… wow. These are awesome. Thank you, Food Republic for sharing this dangerous snack with us. Visit the Food Republic site for the full instructions, but here’s the shopping list to get you started:
• 4 ¾ cups blueberries
• 2/3 cup simple syrup
• 2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
• 1/3 cup moonshine

Or, if you’re feeling especially crazy one day and want to try and make your own moonshine, we posted a Make-Your-Moonshine tutorial last year that should do the trick.