So what’s the deal with white whiskey? It’s on everyone’s lips, breath, and bar tab.


In a world full of fancy new products that are infused, aged, mellowed or sourced from prehistoric weeds found on the floor of the most remote forest in the world, white whiskey is none of that, and then some.


No, it’s not moonshine. But it’s the closest (legal) thing to it. It’s made the same way — bottled practically right out of the still; straight from fermented corn or wheat mash — but its alcohol content is regulated. It is also very much taxed, and thus, about 100% more expensive than “the dog.”


Okay, spill it. Do you drink white whiskey? Why? Does it take you back to your colonial roots? Does it really taste THAT not-disgusting?


We know why “they” make it: as Kevin Kosar of says “white whiskey…works for distillers because it gives them a new product without the need to invest in new materials.”


What’s your excuse, White Whiskey Drinker? Enlighten us with a comment or two.