Absolut-Elyx-2Absolut is known for their innovative flavors, crazy bottle designs and pretty good vodka. But they’ve never fit into the super-premium category. Until now.


Absolut has debuted their new super-premium handcrafted vodka: Absolut Elyx. The vodka is a huge step for the brand that is looking to expand their repertoire with recent releases like Absolut Craft and Absolut Amber.


So what exactly makes Absolut Elyx so special? It starts with the best wheat and water from Absolut’s underground springs in Sweden. The vodka is then distilled in a vintage copper column as opposed to the typical stainless steel that their other vodkas go through. The special treatment gives Absolut Elyx a silky smooth finish that would appeal to the super-premium vodka crowd who usually turn to competitors like Ketel One or Grey Goose.


That being said… don’t shoot it, but sip it neat or on the rocks. It would also be a nice base for a cocktail.


Fair warning, though. This vodka has a slow launch ahead of it, only debuting in certain cities right now. So be patient. Also it’s $50 a bottle. Start saving up if you’re interested.