absolutcraftObviously we love vodka but we understand why bartenders can get frustrated. With super sweet flavors that lead to ridiculous cocktail orders, we wouldn’t want to serve it either. That’s why Nick Strangeway partnered with Absolut to create Absolut Craft: a limited release vodka line he’s hoping will change the way bartenders feel about flavored spirits.


Strangeway, a world-renowned bartender, has been mixing drinks for decades. When Absolut approached him a few years ago, he made it clear he wanted to create a classic product with naturally intense flavors that bartenders could use to make quality cocktails. It took him two years and almost 2,500 samples to perfect the craft vodka.


The three flavors he decided on—Herbaceous Lemon, Smokey Tea and Bitter Cherry—are all made from natural ingredients like lemon grass, cloves and cacao. They are the perfect combination of intense taste and quality that Strangeway was looking for.


Absolut Craft won’t be available to just anyone though. Intended for professional bartender use only, the vodka will be released to bars in selected cities later this month. With only 3,000 bottles made, we’ll be searching for it, along with just about everybody else.


Let us know if you see Absolut Craft in a bar near you.