Yuengling Ice Cream

Beer and dessert lovers around the U.S. geeked out recently when “Yuengling” and “ice cream” were mentioned in the same sentence. When we heard the news, our heads instantly went towards the limitless possibilities of uniting two of the greatest things on Earth: beer and ice cream. All the combinations and flavors we could achieve would make dessert the new happy hour. Sadly, our resounding cheer of applause fell flat when we dug a little deeper.


D.G. Yuengling & Son first started brewing beer in the U.S. in 1829 in Pottsville, PA and their traditional lager has been a favorite around the country ever since. However, during the dark and tragic days of Prohibition, Yuengling shifted a large part of their business into dairy products, namely ice cream. After 65 years of being in the dessert business, Fritz Yuengling’s son decided he’d rather play with computers for a living and all ice cream hopes were lost. Recently, David Yuengling, has decided to save the family business saying he has, “a second chance,” and is out to put their line of delicious dessert options back on shelves.


Here’s (our) problem: there is no beer, alcohol, or anything really proprietary about the returning Yuengling ice cream. The sad truth is that the Yuengling beer and ice cream businesses are completely separate and simply share a common family name. They plan to release flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and mint chocolate chip. This could be one of the biggest teases in boozy ice cream history.


Excited fans took to social media to voice their excitement at the possibility of a true Yuengling float to which David responded that he finds that, “disgusting”. Clearly, David doesn’t know how to have any boozy fun.


Stay tuned: we have the real answer to your dessert dreams.