We’re all hitting as many convenience stores and gas stations as we can today for Powerball tickets. With the jackpot at an all-time high, it’s impossible not to day-dream about what you would do with all of your juicy winnings.

Our team is full of booze lovers, but we’re also normal people. Paying off the mortgage, going on a trip around the world, and hooking up our future great-great-grandchildren definitely make the top of our list. But, we also have a list of boozy treats that we would never be able to afford otherwise.

• The world’s most expensive cocktails: we would try all of these, and compare them to their cheap counter parts. Don’t worry, we’d write about it so you can live vicariously through us.
• That $5,500 Lochside whisky we were just talking about the other day would be in our shopping cart in no time. And we’d be on the VIP list for that exclusive party.
• We’d buy a gold Olympic medal, then walk into the Chinawhite Club in London and order the Gold Medal cocktail.
• Oh yeah… and we’d hire a personal bartender.

What would you do if you won the lottery?