$3,000 Gold Medal Cocktail – In honor of the Olympics, Chinawhite Club in London created a cocktail that costs $3,117.48, unless you won an Olympic gold medal. In an effort to lure athletes into the exclusive club they’d receive this special cocktail for free with the presentation of their gold medal. What is in this expensive drink? Hennessy Paradis Imperial cognac, Luxor 24-carat gold leaf Champagne, plus a set of handmade 18-carat gold rings placed in the bottom of the glass.

Josh Groban meets Robert Mondavi – We were thrilled to hear that internationally renowned singer and songwriter, Josh Groban, will be partnering with Robert Mondavi Winery, in the next coming year. Both Josh Groban and Mondavi have a loyal dedication to the arts, which will make this partnership very strong. Some of the plans for the coming year include a new wine, and an elaborate promotional program. Groban’s new album, coming out early 2013, will be merchandised with Mondavi wine, and downloads of Groban’s singles will be available on in-store Mondavi displays, online and via mobile.

Navy Strength Gin Makes a Come-Back – Navy Strength Gin has a rich history, dating back to the early 19th century when it was supplied to the British Royal Navy. With the demand for over-proof spirits climbing in the U.S., Plymouth Gin will be releasing theirs to United States consumers this September. Plymouth Navy Strength Gin is 57% ABV (114 Proof) and provides a distinct new flavor for martini’s and other cocktails. 750 ml bottles will be available at suggested retail price $34.99.