dsc_0044If you’re a fan of hard liquor, you’ve definitely thought about infusing your go-to booze. There are countless combinations you could try—some delicious and some, shall we say, entail an acquired taste. You’ve heard of using herbs to infuse, ideal for your vegetable-based cocktails like a classic Bloody Mary, and probably candy-inspired mixtures like skittles, chocolate or marshmallow flavored booze for those sweet-tooth cocktails. There’s a funky flavor for everyone—but here’s where it gets weird. After coming across a recipe for Hot Cheetos infused tequila (2 cups Flaming Hot Cheetos, 1 cup silver tequila, 1 lime), our eyes have been opened to a new light. So we asked around our team to see what their weirdest infusion recipes would be and why, and we have to say that we certainly have a couple of geniuses on our hands.

Here’s what they came up with:

I would infuse tequila with grapefruit and lime. DIY PALOMA YUM.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans DUH!  Specific flavors – Tutti Fruiti, Sizzling Cinnamon, Toasted Marshmallow, Buttered Popcorn.

I’d infuse whiskey with waffles if only for the delicious whiskey soaked waffles that would result.

My personal favorite is a beer infused with a beer. And then infused with about 30 more and a bottle of Bulleit.

So I’m like still a teenager and can’t handle bitter stuff, so I still love the flavor of vodka infused with any kind of candy (sour patch watermelons are bomb). BUT speaking for my cousins who are more refined, they infuse their gin with lime, cucumber, and sometimes basil. Ready to go gin and tonic!

Cheese, Bacon?, Pop rocks?, Honey BBQ chips, Dark chocolate, Honey. Got a lil excited and didn’t know when to stop. Ah!

Vodka with peanuts and strawberries together because it’d be salty AND sweet!

Doritos infused vodka (the original red kind…is it nacho cheese?). Because Doritos are the best, and very flavorful. (Also) Pad Thai infused vodka. Because Pad Thai is good and why not. Both are vodka infusions since vodka is good for infusions. It pairs well because it doesn’t have a very particular flavor of its own, if you know what I mean.

I’d only infuse cheap vodka. Did it with hot peppers once thinking it’d make a good xmas gift but it sucked.

Fruit. Pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe. Mostly pineapple. Vodka?


What would you infuse your booze with? Make it weird, make it original—then share it with us!