Refreshing drinks beg to be sipped on in the summertime. Rather than blowing your vacation budget on fancy flavored liquor, why not try your hand at infusing your own vodka with some fresh flavors? Patience is key here, as it can take about a week to get the flavor just right. It might be worth it to buy a bottle of something else to hold your over while you wait…

Here’s how you do it:

1- Get yourself a mid-shelf vodka. If it’s coming from a plastic bottle, it’s gonna taste like it came from a plastic bottle no matter how much fruit you add.

2- Pick your flavor. We love Pineapple, Mango, or Watermelon for the summer. You can even combine a few if you’re feeling ambitious.

3- After washing the fruit, remove any seeds and slice it up into chunks or slices to let those juices free.

4- Combine fruit with vodka in a glass container with a sturdy seal. The more fruit you add, the stronger the flavor. Typically we like to keep it to about 3 apples-worth per liter.

5- Wait about a week, shaking the bottle once a day. Sample it as you go – if it tastes exactly how you want it to on day 3 you can call it quits.

6- Strain the vodka into a new container, leaving behind the fruit. If you keep them together the flavor will continue to get stronger.

7- Eat the fruit. Drink the vodka. Enjoy the summer.