grand marnier titanium

Grand Marnier just released GM Titanium, their newest Cognac made just for us men. Well, maybe not us DIA men. Spoiler alert: we’re not exactly the GM Titanium type.


GM Titanium has claimed itself as the “first ever ultra-premium flavored cognac.” It is made with exotic orange, Asian citrus and 5 other spices. The brand prides itself on being a no sugar product, but here in the Man Cave we know better then to worry about a little beer belly.


Each bottle is designed with a silkscreen label that glows under nightclub lighting. We actually think this is a great idea because now we can spot (and stay clear of) any douchebag trying to impress girls with his fancy, expensive bottle. Ladies, if you’re reading, take this as a warning sign.


Grand Marnier says that it mixes well with cranberry juice, grapefruit juice and even ginger beer, but if you’re going to pay $44.99 for a bottle of Titanium we recommend drinking the cognac straight up or poured over a little ice so that you can actually taste it.  Right now the brand is being released in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and south Florida. While they have confidence in their Cognac being the next big going-out drink, we’re a little skeptical.