Yesterday we talked about a Brooklyn restaurant that is offering a cocktail menu filled with gender stereotypes, with one of those being that women only like fruity drinks with lower alcohol content. Although stereotypes can grow out of valid observations, they are far too general to include an entire demographic. This can be proven in many different ways, but one recent story about a new social drinking group for women in Kentucky does a great job of kicking liquor-related gender stereotypes to the curb.

Founded this year by Louisville native Linda Ruffenach, Whisky Chicks is a group that was created to bring together women who share an appreciation for bourbon and whisky. The Whisky Chicks website says:

         Whether you are a woman who loves bourbon or you’re bourbon curious, we invite you to join us as we create and share a variety of unique bourbon experiences in a relaxed social environment where we can appreciate the taste and tradition of the spirit, and each others’ company, in new and exciting ways.

The group is based on being social and planning events, so it’s definitely something you need to live in Kentucky to take part in. (Though maybe you could reach out to Linda and talk about forming Whisky Chick chapters throughout the nation?) The first event took place at a local bourbon bar, and since then, these whisky drinking women have attended a bourbon tasting and threw a Whisky Chick Kentucky Derby party. The next event is in a couple of weeks at an historic 1920s bar called Manny & Merle in Downtown Louisville’s Whiskey Row. Also, in August, the ladies will be teaming up with the Bourbon Brotherhood to sponsor their first annual fundraiser to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless. Heaven Hill Distilleries is a major sponsor and will open up the new Evan Williams Experience for the event.

Live in the Louisville area and want to become a Whisky Chick? The only requirements are that you’re at least 21 years old, you submit a membership application, and you can make a commitment to be social, have fun, and make new members feel welcome. You can fill out the membership application right on the website, so it’s very easy to apply.