The stereotype is that women order fruity, lower alcohol beverages while men stick to the straight up, grow some hair on your chest libations. We say screw stereotypes, but one Brooklyn restaurant is capitalizing on them and creating a cocktail menu split down the middle: one side for men, one for women.

Los Pollitos III, a Brooklyn area Mexican restaurant, serves up drinks “For Ladies” like a glass of wine or light cocktail and drinks “For Men” stocked with high proof booze and options on the rocks. One plus for the ladies, their drinks are usually on the cheaper side.

Los Pollitos tries to cater to all so the drink menu also has a section of higher booze cocktails “For Everyone.” The staff of Los Pollitos say the his and hers options were meant to make people laugh and offer a little something for anyone looking for a refreshing beverage.

Personally, we think the menu rides the line of sexist and funny. We can understand a good stereotype but the way the menu is laid out makes it seem like the ladies can’t enjoy a stiff drink and the men wouldn’t touch a glass of white wine.

What do you think?