The Man Cave: 3 Drinks That’ll Put Some Hair on Your Chest

Our Stories March 24, 2013 10 Comments.

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bigstock_Manin_Tuxedo_Holding_Cocktail_5193276Back in the day, we added our “Her Shot” series for the ladies that read our blog because they mentioned (aka complained) that they wanted articles just for them (call us whipped, but we aim to please). Anyway, we were sitting around recently and realized that it’s not fair for the girls to get their own weekly series if we can’t have one too.


So, welcome to “The Man Cave.” This is a weekly series just for dudes. To kick things off, we wanted to go with the basics: drinks for men.


Spicy Sandstorm

One hallmark of a truly manly drink is the way it feels like it’s burning your insides. The Spicy Sandstorm brings this to a whole new level with not just the burning of the alcohol, but Tabasco sauce too. Just add an ounce of scotch and gin, black pepper and a splash of Tabasco. You might grow a large, bushy moustache on the spot. Oh, and the uncontrollable sweating… there’s that, too.


Four Horsemen

This shot is named after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse because it tastes like the end of the world and hurts so good. At the helm of the pain are your four best friends: Jim, Jack, Johnnie and Jose. Pour 1/4 oz. of each (bourbon whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, Scotch whiskey, and tequila) into a large shot glass and go for it. Make sure you thump on your chest several times after taking the shot because you earned it.


Straight Russian Vodka

People like to say that scotch on the rocks is a classic manly drink, and while yeah, it’s pretty awesome, there are other liquors than can instantly transform you into a god among men. Vodka is one of the first alcohols that a lot of people try, and unfortunately, they drink too much of the cheap crap and then vow to never drink vodka again. You need to invest in the good stuff, and when it comes to vodka, the Russians reign supreme. They almost always drink their vodka straight and that stuff is strong. Your friends may cringe as they watch you shoot vodka, but just give them a manly smirk and then try to handle all the girls in the bar who will be lured in by your ridiculous amounts of testosterone.



10 thoughts on “The Man Cave: 3 Drinks That’ll Put Some Hair on Your Chest

  1. Dawn

    Oh come on! Russian Vodka? I’m a simple girl from Ohio and I’ve been shooting Russian Vodka with my friends from Russia for years and no hair is to be found. 🙂

  2. Craig

    I have visited Moscow a lot. Premium Russian “Wodka” is a truly memorable event. It tastes like a pure crystalline stream washing down your throat. It is amazingly refreshing and warms you nicely for those cold Russian winters.

  3. Len

    There is a huge flavor (& burning) difference in vodkas. A potato vodka like Monopolova will ruin your mouth for the night, burn a hole straight through your gizzard and leave you praying for ice water and a pacifier.

    Just drink gasoline and save yourself the embarrassing faces.

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