rosemarycocktailHerbs in your vodka anyone? It’s not as crazy as it sounds and we’ve been noticing savory flavored vodkas showing up everywhere lately.


Just last week, Absolut announced a new flavor: Absolut Cilantro. The latest addition to the vodka family is a blend of lime and cilantro that’s refreshing with a subtle hint of spice (or so we hear). The vodka will be available next month just in time to make some cilantro inspired summer cocktails. Have a hard time dreaming up a cilantro-inspired summer cocktail off the top of your head? So did we. Here you go.


Absolut is only the latest brand to serve us an herby spirit. Square One, who makes one of our favorite cucumber vodkas, also offers a Basil flavor. Our Russian friends at Sputnik, have a Basil flavored vodka as well. We personally haven’t tried either, but we’re willing to bet you’ve never had anything like it.


A few other savory herbs have made appearances in vodka bottles too. SKYY Infusions unveiled their Ginger flavor in 2010, the perfect base for a savory cocktail. And Seattle, WA natives, Oola Distillery have bottled a Rosemary flavored vodka that we’d be very interested to taste.


We love these herbs in our food but is there a place for them in our vodka? What do you think of savory flavored spirits?