SquareOneCucumbers have been a longtime garnish for drinks but in recent years, the veggie has taken center stage as a main ingredient in cocktails and even spirits. It seems that people have been obsessing over it recently, and we discovered a hidden gem this week: Square One Cucumber.


We won’t lie; we were a little skeptical when we received the cucumber vodka. We typically prefer our spirits unflavored, but Square One is hard to deny. The vodka is purely organic, distilled from 100% American rye. How could we resist?


We always smell before we taste and this one was quite the surprise. Straight cucumber. Almost as if there was one soaking in the bottle, or we were just smelling a cucumber slice.


When we sipped it straight you immediately were hit with a strong cucumber flavor, and a subtle burn of vodka in the finish. And when we put it into a cocktail with soda, wow. If we didn’t know we were tasting a vodka, we’d think we were drinking cucumber water. The cucumber taste was strong and there was barely any trace of alcohol making it very easy to sip. We’ve already added it to our summer drinks repertoire.


Needless to say, the vodka was great. At about $35 a bottle, it won’t be our staple but we would definitely invest on occasion.


Have you tried cucumber booze? Did you like it?