Rail Dog

We’re all about the farm to table craze when it comes to our booze. We love the idea of fresh, unique ingredients making their way into our beer, spirits and cocktails. Elm Brook Farm in Vermont is the latest to catch our eye with their new distilled creation: Rail Dog.

Rail Dog is a spirit unlike any other. No we’re not just saying that, there’s really nothing else like it out there. It’s the first ever barrel-aged spirit that’s distilled exclusively from maple sap straight from the Elm Brook trees. David Howe, owner of the farm, is keeping hush hush about the distilling process of Rail Dog but we do know that the maple concoction is aged in American Oak barrels from Minnesota that are specially designed to keep the spirit from getting too much moisture. According to our sources, the result is a smooth, complex spirit somewhere between cognac and whiskey as far as sweetness goes with flavors of maple syrup and vanilla.

Dubbed by the state of Vermont as a “barrel-aged maple spirit,” Rail Dog will be available only at the Elm Brook Farm this month before its official unveiling during the 2014 maple season. As the first of its kind, Rail Dog has a steep price tag of $93 but we’d drop the cash to try this unique drink.