Twisted-PIne-Cucumber-Cream-AleWe love supporting our local community just as much as the next person. But Twisted Pines Brewing Company has taken this to a whole new level with their Farm to Foam series.


The brewery began the series last May as “a tribute to the sustainable spirit of Colorado.”  Using only local products, Twisted Pines is taking advantage of all the fresh ingredients Colorado has to offer. Especially fruits and veggies.


The first beer in the series, Roots Revival Carrot IPA, is made with the help of (you guessed it) several hundred pounds of locally grown carrots. And now Fresh to Foam is getting a new addition. Cucumber Cream Ale, a garden fresh ale with a whipped cream like head (yum?), debuted last week in Colorado.


Both garden inspired brews are available on draft in Colorado and 750ml bottles in select other states. And keep your eyes out for the next release. Maybe a Potato Porter or Squash Stout are in our future.


What do you think of these garden inspired beers?