whiskey pouchesBig Bottom Whiskey founder, Ted Pappas is making a huge statement in the whiskey world. Or should we say small? The Oregon distillery is putting their whiskey in small portable pouches.


Calhoun Bros. Adventures Spirits, the 200 ml resealable whiskey pouches, debuted last week. Putting alcohol in pouches is no new thing, but Calhoun Bros. claims to be the first to offer a resealable whiskey option. Each pouch contains 3 decent sized pours that you can enjoy right away or save for later. Sounds like the ultimate drinking convenience but there’s one problem: they’re $8.95 a piece. We’re no cheapos but that’s steep for three drinks that come out of a plastic pouch.


Pappas wants these to be what you drink around the campfire, take with you on a hunting trip or casually sip on the porch. It’s all about the portability and convenience when a bottle isn’t an option. The pouches are just starting to appear in Oregon with plans to roll out nationally later this year.


We can’t say we would give up our flasks for a plastic pouch but these are interesting. Would you buy them?