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We like anything ready-to-drink (as long as it tastes as good as the original and we’re not sacrificing flavor) because we don’t need to do any work. Yes, that’s the only reason. Don’t hate us for being lazy.


Shots are one of the easiest drinks to make, but only if you’re drinking something straight and not mixed/fancy/extra-delicious. Instead of getting creative, we usually just end up pouring a shot of Jack Daniels because it requires no skill. Luckily, ready-to-drink shots are happening.


We’ve only noticed one big brand trying this so far. Hornitos Lime Shot (from Sauza Tequila) launched earlier this month. It’s a premixed bottle of their tequila, lime juice and salt. All you need to do is pour and shoot.


Dekuyper offers ready to drink bottles of shot mixtures like Washington Apple, Sex on the Beach, Kamikaze, Red Headed, Lemon Drop, and Alabama Slammer.


Our Aussie friends at Bacchus Distillery created 6-packs of shot glasses already full of the weird shot concoctions they’ve made. Think it doesn’t get much better than that? They also have a pre-made Shot Bucket that has 28 shots in it and a Shot Box with 18. We can’t promise you’ll like the unconventional flavors (Chocolate Banana, anyone?) – but it’s such a cool idea we might give it a shot. Pun intended.


Since we’re on the topic, it’s worth mentioning that there are a slew of disgusting-sounding, ultra-trashy brands trying to make their brands popular (visit at your own risk: ShotPak, MoonJoos, SLAM Shots). If you ask us, we’re not touching those with a 10-foot pole. Please make some legit products that we can enjoy. We’re begging you.


Now for the ultimate question… if you could have ANY shot bottled, what would it be?