Flower flavored vodka? We’re into it. Absolut Hibiskus, the newest flavor in the Absolut family, combines hibiscus and pomegranate to make a funky new flavor. The floral concoction will launch later this month and then roll out in global markets just in time for spring. We’re thinking with a little cranberry juice or lemonade it may be the perfect spring cocktail.

Raise your glass and say “Skål!” because Swedish punsch is finally back. Wondering what we’re talking about? We’re not surprised. Swedish punsch, a delicious blend of rum, sugar and spices, unfortunately disappeared after Prohibition. But now Kronan is bringing the sweet liqueur back and we are pumped. Although it’s still hard to find in the U.S. you can buy bottles online. You won’t regret it.

Attention: Lokonation, you asked and they listened. Four Loko has announced their latest flavor, Margarita. The new drink will be available later this month. You already know what we think of Four Loko, and we’ve even tried a Margarita out of a can, and decided its not as good as the real thing. We’re skipping this one.

Biagio Cru & Estate Wines has just released Égalité, a wine created to support the LGBT community. Launched this past week, proceeds from the sparkling wine are being donated to various LGBT supported groups, including youths. Though it is only available in select states right now, we have no doubt it will take off. We’re ready to raise our glasses to this cause and enjoy some bubbly.