The ready-to-drink cocktail craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, hence Cayman Jack Margaritas, a malt beverage sold in 6-packs of glass bottles. As we took our first sips of icy cold “margarita,” this is what we thought…
Yum: Generally our whole team agreed that it went down smooth and was very easy to drink. We could easily knock back a few of these on a hot day. (We might spike it with some tequila, shhh don’t tell anyone.)
Sweet: It tasted like soda at first, and after a few we’d probably get sick of the sugary taste. Generally, that comes with the malt beverage territory. We’d compare it to a margarita flavored Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Smirnoff Ice.
Bubbles: Drinking a carbonated margarita is weird. We are tequila and margarita lover’s, so it’s strange to taste something that has the flavors of a marg, but isn’t quite the same.
Overall, we’d prefer the real thing, on the stiff side please. But… if you love malt beverages, if you’re looking for something to mix up your beer routine, or if you just want something kinda like a margarita that is already made and ready to drink – this is perfect for you.
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