We know you’ve all been dying to know – Is Crunk Juce better than Four Loko or is Four Loko better than Crunk Juce? Well, we’re about to ease your wondering minds with our verdict.


After 10 of us here at DIA sampled the two, we came to the conclusion that both drinks were pretty (insert F-Bomb here) gross. Maybe it’s because we tasted the new FDA approved version? We’re hoping (for the reputation of all those who enjoy it and went bananas over it a few months back), that the caffeinated version is in fact that much better.


Here’s how the taste test challenge panned out:



Four Loko: 5 votes

Crunk Juce: 5 votes



Four Loko: 10 votes

Crunk Juce: 0



Four Loko: 7 votes

Crunk Juce: 3 votes


Can’t say we’ll willingly drink either again. It’s safe to assume we’re just not premium malt beverage drinkers.


We’re still somewhat intrigued by the trend though – who is drinking this stuff? When Blast came out in April, we asked if malt-based liqueurs were just waiting to be born. We wouldn’t be surprised.


Next Round: Camarena Tequila




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