For all of you Lokos out there, they’ve done it again. Four Loko announced their latest flavor this week, Pineapple. The sugary new malt beverage will hit shelves in March, alongside its other new friend Margarita. We’ve got some history with Four Loko. We’ll be skipping this one.


If we didn’t make it clear how we feel about Angel’s Envy before, we love it. And our affection grew when they announced their new Angel’s Envy Rye last week. The super premium whiskey is aged for six years and then finished in rum casks, putting a twist on the traditional whiskey taste. The 100 proof rye will hit select states this May. Naturally we’ll be trying to track down a bottle.


Hemingway Rum Company introduced Papa’s Pilar to the U.S. recently. The new rum is a tribute to Hemingway’s iconic yacht that brought him all around the world. Available in Dark and Blonde, the brand is attempting to bring rum back to its strong and bold-tasting roots. It will roll out in Florida stores first before appearing nation wide. We’re ready to jump aboard (corny, we know.)


What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a new beer from Sierra Nevada? Unfortunately they’re being very hush hush about it. What we do know about Shamrock’n Rye Ale is that it will be available before St. Patty’s Day and is a keg-only release. Mystery or not, we can’t wait to try it.