AngelsEnvyIt’s rare that a product completely wins us over, but Angel’s Envy Bourbon has done just that. We received a sample of the bourbon whiskey brand and it impressed our entire crowd, especially the purists. Our favorite things about Angel’s Envy:


Smell: Angel’s Envy is finished in port wine barrels, which definitely adds a pleasant nose to the whiskey. The bourbon had a sweet smell to it that was very enticing (even to the members of our team that are a little whiskey shy.) One sniff and we had to taste it.


Taste: Our whole team agreed that the subtle hints of vanilla, apple, spice and even plum were unique for bourbon. It’s bold without being too strong to handle.


Finish: Unlike some other bourbon, Angel’s Envy had a nice smooth finish, not harsh or with too much of a bite (doesn’t make you regret pouring a full two fingers.) A few noted an appealing finish similar to scotch.


Overall, Angel’s Envy has become a favorite in our liquor cabinet. The great taste and sweet smell are hard to deny and we can’t get enough of the smooth finish.


This bourbon is perfect for newcomers and purists alike… Did we mention we finished the bottle?


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