Moscato isn’t exactly the classiest wine out there. It’s notorious for it’s low alcohol content and cheap price tag, making it a favorite among broke twenty-somethings and first time wine drinkers. But lately Moscato has made a serious comeback that we just can’t ignore.


Like we said it’s showing up everywhere. Not long ago, SKYY introduced their SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape, the first Moscato flavored vodka in the market. Shortly after, Myxx Fusions debuted three Moscato flavored ready to drink cocktails. And the latest release comes from Smoke Liqueur with a vodka and Moscato blend. Clearly, there’s a pattern.


Plus, if you’ve perused a cocktail menu lately, you’re guaranteed to see wine cocktails. Especially ones that include Moscato wine. Here are a few of our favorites:

It looks like Moscato will be around for a while. Spirits, premixed drinks and cocktails have all made room for the flavor. Will you?