Myx fusions


The latest ready-to-drink beverage has debuted and this time wine is the alcohol of choice. Myx Fusions is new to the scene and their serving up a moscato wine cooler.


The single serve moscato bottles are fruit infused and come in three different flavors: Original Moscato, Peach Moscato and Coconut Moscato. No need to keep reading if you’re not into Moscato, and our teeth hurt just thinking about it. They come in 6.3 oz. bottles with screw cap tops, so obviously very classy. They’re currently sold in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Las Vegas but have plans to roll out nationally soon.


The real kicker is that Nicki Minaj is the new face of their brand. This is giving us a pretty good image of what Myx wants to be… out of control, ridiculous and unpredictable come to mind, Bold move Myx, we’ll see how it works out for you.