Smoke Liqueur



They say don’t judge a book by its cover but when it comes to alcohol it’s hard not to. We’ve experienced our fair share of trashy booze but the new Smoke Liqueur (be careful vising the site) brings it to a whole new level.


It’s a ready to drink cocktail combo of vodka, Moscato, pineapple and coconut. Seems a little sweet but nothing extraordinarily special. The 26% ABV beverage has already made a name for itself in New York but will be rolling out nationally this summer. The $29.99 bottle is white frosted, adding a little sophistication to the packaging. It sounded like something we could drink… so we visited their website. Big mistake.


This is where it gets NSFW. Once we found our way past the raunchy images of half naked women and crowded clubs, we saw Smoke for what it really is: trash. If you think we’re being harsh, just check out their cocktail suggestions. Our favorites are “Ring the Alarm” and “Dat Purp.” The only place this liqueur belongs is a low-budget music video that never makes it to MTV.


So Smoke, you’ve duped us. Are you classy like your bottle or just plain raunchy like your website? Either way, we’re going to pass.