Ice Surge Make Us Wonder: What’s So Special About Premixed Shots?

Our Stories October 8, 2013 10 Comments.

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Ice Surge alcohol

We’ve all been there. It’s Saturday night, the bar is crowded and all you want is a round of shots for your friends. We usually order something simple like whiskey or a flavored vodka because we don’t want to sit around while the bartender mixes up something fancy, but a recent trend has changed that. Pourable shots have started to appear in our bars and liquor stores and now Beam is adding another option to our premixed shots list.


Ice Surge debuted last week as a ready to drink liqueur that’s meant for you to pour and shoot. The shots come in two fruity flavors: Tropical Freeze and Berry Blizzard. Tropical Freeze is infused with a pineapple and mango flavor while Berry Blizzard combines raspberry, blackberry and acai together. But they’re not just any shot. Both flavors of Ice Surge have a unique cooling sensation that hits after you shoot the booze and leave a minty cool taste in your mouth. Our first thought is reminiscent of swallowing mouthwash but we’d have to give Ice Surge a try to confirm.


Like we said, Ice Surge was created to shoot. But at 35% ABV, how are these any different from a flavored vodka shot? Sure you don’t get the cooling sensation but do we really want to experience fruit and mint in the same drink? We don’t know about you but the only mint we like in a cocktail comes in mojito form. For a few dollars less and the same fruit flavor you could shoot something like Raspberry Pinnacle (and chase it with a piece of gum).


The two flavors are available now at 70 proof. Look for the faux icy packaging in the next coming weeks at $16.99 a bottle.


Have you tried Ice Surge? Was the “pourable” factor worth it or was this a fruit filled minty gimmick? Let us know what you thought of the icy cool shot below.

10 thoughts on “Ice Surge Make Us Wonder: What’s So Special About Premixed Shots?

  1. Trev

    Best product ever made one of my most favorite liqueurs. I personally like the tropical freeze over Berry blizzard. Ever try mixing 3.5oz of tropical ice surge 2oz UV blue 1oz triple sec 2.5oz white out mtn dew and to top her off 2oz apple juice
    best drink ever.

  2. Trev

    U dont know what ur missin man. Try mixing all the stuff I did. Than you’ll like Ice Surge.

  3. Chapmin Hendricks

    Hi, I was scrolling online and I can’t seem to find single mix drink recipe for Ice Surge Berry Blizzard. Trev, do you know what I could incorporate with this Pucker in one glass? I was thinking about adding the white mountain dew for starters.

  4. Kara Garrett

    I absolutely love it! It doesn’t have the horrible after taste of taking straight alcohol shots. It’s very refreshing. I tried looking for this product but I cant find it anywhere!

  5. megan

    Im an aussie coming to the states to be in a wedding….want to get premixed shots to put in the girls hens night bags when i get over there what do you guys suggest?? Over here we have the shot bucket with 28 premixed shots in it, is there something like that over there?? Cheers

  6. Christina

    I bought the berry one last night thinking it would be amazing, the initial shot is terrible like the article mentioned similar to a flavored vodka/ Bacardi The aftertaste however is awesome the cooling sensation great might give the tropical a try at some time just for the hope that it may be better

  7. Chris Schroyer

    I prefer the Berry . The first taste sensation is a little harsh but the after affect is great. Still think it would be good in some sort of mixed drink. Only tried it in Berry mtn.dew so far and is pretty good. It’s not to popular so the BP in my home town has it for $5.99 a750 Lt. Tried to sip it like brandy but better as a shot.

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