We made it to 2014. A new year means new liquor trends coming your way, but what will these next 365 days bring? Will things be radically different, or just a continuation of what was brewing in 2013? We’ve done a lot of research and here’s what we think you’ll be seeing going on in the booze world this year:


Sour beer. If you haven’t noticed, it’s kind of a big deal lately. We’re seeing a lot of sour brews and unique ales in our future.


Wine on tap. It’s like all of our vino dreams have come true. Look for wine on tap in your bars and restaurants.


Smoked booze. It’s in our ice, our whiskey, our vodka, the flavor is everywhere.


Pour your own beer. These new pour it yourself beer locations are popping up everywhere and making us thirsty.


Gin. Will we be sipping it? Aging it? Or mixing up a few gin and tonics. No matter what, 2014 is gin’s year.


Bottled carbonated cocktails. Forget a glass, we’ll be drinking bottled bubbly cocktails this year.


Big name ciders. The big boys of beer are putting out their own ciders this year. Look for bottles from MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch.


There’s undoubtedly so much more to come in this new year, and we are really looking forward to seeing what the drinking world comes up with next. Cheers, 2014.